Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan 
Society for Safe Environment and Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan (SSEWA-Pak) is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization which has been working since 1975 for the development of rural areas. SSEWA-Pak is a registered under the society act 1866 certificate # 3316. 
SSEWA-Pak has certification of Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy; quality management setup certified by ISO 9001-2008, it is also a Member of the organization of National Humanitarian Network (NHN-Pakistan) and a member of the organization of Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS). 
SSEWA-Pak Geographically is working in sothern sindh rural areas although SSEWA-Pak has experience of other regions and had done projects there also. 
SSEWA-Pak mainly focuses on empowering communities through their involvement and participation. 
The Central Office of SSEWA-Pak is located in Rattanabad, Mirpurkhas, Sindh while the field offices are situated in Naukot, and Pithoro, Sindh. 
SSEWA-Pak has a well-established resource center and guest rooms where different capacity building programmes are organized. 
SSEWA-Pak has 73 well qualified staff working in more than 50 villages and building the capacity of the community in disaster risk reduction, livelihood development, skills development of women and children's education. 
Organization Vision: Together for an empowered community and peaceful environment in Pakistan 
Mission: Mobilizing community for holistic empowerment in Pakistan
Mr. Paro is 38 years old and living in village Arif Kapri since past six years, his wife name is Mrs. Kesho and she is 28 years old and they have five children. Three boys and two daughters, they belongs to a Hindhu poor family and their source of income is agriculture and livestock rearing.  
They both husband and wife are very hard workers, they work day & night in the field and through little income they are struggling to make both ends meet. They both are uneducated but they have wish to educate their children but as the school is situated at a distance place from their village they are unable to send their children to school and also most of the men and women are uneducated in their village.  
Few months ago they both were very anxious because their muddy house roof was completely damaged and they were not able to reconstruct their house roof because they didn’t have enough money to repair their house roof. They stayed without house roof for many days they were lived in fear that if rain will come it would be directly affecting their household things, so that’s why all family members were not at peace.  
But as God is great and they both have believed that God will help them and it turned true, according to their wish one day SSEWA-Pak team visited in their village and Mr. Paro shared his problem with team and immediately team visited house and checked the roof and share that problem with higher management committee of organization.  
Their request was approved and they received PKR 10,000 rupees (ten thousand rupees only) from SSEWA-Pak integral mission fund. After receiving cash Paro purchased roof materials from local market and reconstructed his roof, now their house roof is strong and they don’t have any fear about rain and all family members are very happy.  
Now Mr. Paro and his family are very grateful to God and SSEWA-Pak for their support in their hard time.